Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May 2015

The "50/20"! Joe and Joey walked 50 miles in 20 hours. Consecutively. I was able to be on the support team that did all the pit stops along the way. It was amazing to watch. Inspiring! I can't tell you how impressed I am that these two wonderful men can push themselves so hard.  I don't think I ever got to post the pictures from last summer's Seattle to Portland (S.T.P.) bike trip, but that was 200+ miles on a bike and by the end of this 50/20 they both said that it was much harder than the STP. 

Out of the 50+ boys and men that participated, these 8 finished the whole thing. SO proud! 
Let's just say there were a few tears shed at the end of this adventure.

My Joey is 15! 
And what better way to celebrate with this teenager than to take him down town to "Folk Life Festival", buy him a red velvet funnel cake, stick a big "15" candle in it and publicly humiliate him by getting a whole crowd of strangers to sing Happy Birthday. I love this kid more than words can say. (By the way, we took Joey to his first Folk Life Fest when he was 3 days old..... we were crazy new parents..... what can I say?    :)  )


Family time at Rattle Snake Lake. 

I was so fortunate to be able to go spend a few days with my sister's family in sunny Florida over Spring Break. So much fun to be there to help after baby Maron was born! Maddy, Miles and I had a blast building sand castles, making frozen dinners and Banana Bread and cooing at this new little angel.

Filling in the gaps...

Joey was chosen to give the speech at his 8th grade graduation. If I can figure out how to upload it here I will. He is done with Middle School and on to the next chapter of life!

Halloween 2014.... too much fun! And in this neighborhood.... way too much sugar!

Audrey got to meet Alex Boye at Benaroya Hall with her good friends the Jarockis.

4th of July = Joey's Giant Eagle Project

Joey's Boy Scout Eagle Project! He organized donations, assembly and direct delivery of over 400 sack lunches, 200 Hygiene kits and 100's of blankets to Seattle's homeless. It was an epic success! I am one proud Mama!

Our house looked like a Red Cross tent for about 2 weeks straight.

Sara's connections at "Mary's Place" helped a ton!

The Bellevue Hilton donated 50 incredibly nice comforters.

Our ward was incredibly supportive in showing up on a Friday night to assembe all the lunches and kits. And then we took all the Scouts down town the next day so they could help Joey distribute everything. It was such a touching experience. Joey was writing thank you cards for weeks after.

Now just to get all that Eagle Scout paper work done!!!

Karoline's Wedding

There first date was Karli's wedding last September, by Christmas they were engaged and then by April my parents had their finial daughter married. Kevin and Karoline were so excited to start their lives together! 
It was a beautiful event that we themed, "Modern Spring". 
I was so thankful to Karoline and the Ashtons for agreeing to make this a Pacific Northwest destination wedding. ( I could bake the cake in my own kitchen.... yay!)

Joe painted the incredible backdrop to this cake. I wanted to echo the painting's texture  in the cake.