Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just a spattering.....

I won't go into all the reasons I haven't updated this blog in well over a year, but after trying to send pictures to family through email and having it work only half the time, I'm frustrated. Frustrated yet determined to be better about sending pics of the kids to our loved ones, so here is a very quick spattering of some of the events in our family's lives for the last eighteen months.

Warning.... they may be seriously out of order, there could be a ton of grammatical and spelling errors, and I'm certain I forgot a bunch, but I know you'll forgive me. Enjoy!
Audrey turned 9 on August 15th. This summer she had read 3 different Jane Austin novels, which was impressive..... and then announced that she wanted to have a "Pride and Prejudice Birthday Party". After much discussion, we decided on a "Book Club Birthday Party", so that all of the little girls attending could bring their favorite book and we could still style the party like an Austin period tea or brunch. Audrey and I had such a blast working on this project together, she's a girl after my own heart! The invitation. I have a friend that was able to take her picture and show me how to turn it into that cute little silhouette you see below.

Each girl went home with a personalized book box full of goodies like a quill looking pen, mini journal and a cute little book that included a collection of some of Audrey's favorite literary quotes, and a bundle of personalized book labels.

The Cake.

The cookies.

"Once there was a girl named Audrey..." (banner below)

The girls used lace ribbon and these charms (below), to make their very own book marks

In early August, we had a little get together for Stella's 3rd Birthday. It was a "Purse Party"! Stella has a serious affection for purses and handbags! If there are ever a set of keys, wallet or cell phone missing, I know to start going through her collection of purses!

Audrey's 1st concert..... Brandi Carlile! And it was a good one too. Audrey's learning how to play "The Story" on the piano right now.

With Max and Grace (cousins), at the Visitor Center.

Joe just finished his second 5k of the summer below!

Joey graduated from cub scouts, and is now in the "big leagues" as a BOY SCOUT!

This is Joe's all time favorite picture of Stella.

Joey with some of his friends in the front yard on his birthday May 2011. He asked for a movie themed party, below is the cake, and yes the popcorn are yellow mini- marshmallows... so fun!

Audrey did this beautiful acrylic painting of a purple tulip and it got chosen to be shown in the Edmond's Art festival. A budding artist! Quinn graduated from preschool!!! It was pretty cute!

Spring time at on the rocky Northwest beach.

Last year, as a 5th grader, Joey decided to try out for the school musical, "The Music Man". Well he ended up coming away with the lead role, Herold Hill, and after months of long daily rehearsals, he blew us away! This was one of the best experiences are family has ever had, we all got to pitch in with costumes and sets, it will always be one of my favorite memories. (sorry the pics are bad, it was really hard to take pictures during the production.)

Easter 2011, it was raining of course, so pictures inside. (I know this is lame, but I can't figure out how to rotate this picture.)

Below are a series of pictures from a party I helped do for a good friend of ours last March. It was a Baking Party, where the girls learned how to make soft pretzels, decorate cupcakes and even played a game where they learned how to crack eggs. Then they filled up "Josie's Bakery", so the parents and siblings could enjoy the fruits of their labors! It was one of the cutest parties I've seen, the details really made it! The only thing I don't have a picture of is the cute cupcake liner garland that Audrey helped make, but trust me it was adorable.

This was New Years Day 2011 at Ensign Ranch up in the Cascades. They get a little more snow up there, and we couldn't go a whole winter without sledding!

The 2011 Blue and Gold Banquet was my last event as Cub Master. After 4 years, it felt good to turn the program over to capable hands, and "go out with a bang!" We made the theme "Legoland, Building a better Cub Scout", and it involved........ yes, those are 6 giant Lego Brick cakes below. The boys had a blast!

More cub scout events, and a new addition to the wig box.... Joe was "Jimmy Rip" and hosted the pack's 2010 Pinewood Derby! Joey didn't fare especially well on the races, but he won People's Choice which was all he seemed to care about anyway!

This was a cake I did for my cousin-in-laws parents anniversary. We miss having Jeff and Kristina up here!

Audrey's Baptism, August 15th, 2010. What a special day for her and our family! Audrey amazes me. This little girl has incredible faith. She get's up every morning and on her own, reads her scriptures first thing. She is beautiful in and out!

Easter morning 2010, after the hunt. Stella with her cousin Maddy.