Monday, November 30, 2009

Where is the pause button?

I know it's been months since I blogged, and to be really honest, it's partly because September/ October were months from "Hades", and partly because I went to this class on journaling/ blogging that made me want to do a better job. Not that I feel like each blog entry needs to be an Ensign article, but I'm still new to this, trying to figure it out, and I want to document what is really going on in our lives, not just the "picture perfect" moments. There is a whole lotta funny, coo-coo, crazy going on in between each of the choreographed events that I want to be able to remember too.
At the same time...... I have NO time!!! So I decided I'll just keep doing what I can, and at least something's getting posted.
Plus, I'm no writer! If you know us, you know.... that's Joe's department. So if you want the witty editorialized version, I'll give ya Joe's cell number. :)

Quinn is yelling at me that he's hungry, (what's new). So that's it for now.... is that real life enough???

I'm feeling kinda sassy today, is that coming out in my writting at all??? :)