Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quinn's 4th Birthday

Poor Quinn doesn't really realize yet.... but his Birthday date stinks! December 23rd!!! No, we did not plan it, (I don't think we officially planned any of our kids births though come to think of it.) In an effort to make it a special occasion, we waited until mid January to have his party.

It's funny how it seems like every little boy I know becomes absolutely fascinated with Pirates around 4 and 5.

Joe was a good sport and devout father, as always, and led the party as...... "Captain Big Beard". They had a full on Treasure hunt, and in this picture they're playing pin the patch on the pirate.

(It's kind of crazy how much use we get out of that wig and beard. Crazy but not surprising.)

This is the mast Joe and I constructed and attached to the fireplace. We were pretty darn proud of our selves. We aren't exactly the handiest of handy men.

(Kim, it's easier than it looks. Just dowels, sheets and twine.)

I saw this pinata, and we don't usually do pinatas, but it was so cute and only $9.00! You can see in the background up on the hutch we did a ton of decorating with our 6 Playmobile pirate ships.

I just have to say I love Playmobile! They aren't as small and easy to loose as Legos, but they're still pretty indestructible. We've been acquiring them since Joey had his 4 year old pirate party.

Ok, so everyone knows my favorite part about my kids Birthdays is that I can make a crazy cake, and they will love it no matter how it turns out. There's no pressure and I can go as buck wild as I want, because it's for my child, right? :)

Well I got this gift card to William and Sanoma, (thank you Shayla), and found this adorable cupcake kit there that was way overpriced in my opinion, but so cute and it made these cupcakes a breeze. (FYI, they have a princess kit too.)

All in all a success, and I can't believe my sweet "Quinn the Eskimo" is 4!

A couple of weeks ago in Primary his teacher asked us to tell our kids why they were named their name. Joe and I realized we had never played for him, the song that made us fall in love with the name "Quinn". After quickly rectifying that, Quinn spent the rest of the day running around the house calling himself, "The Mighty Quinn!"

Joe and I still argue which version is better, The Beatles or Bob Dylan?

Quinn, you are a wonderfully thoughtful boy that brings me so much joy and constant laughter. You make lots of messes for your older brother to clean up, you tease your big sister non-stop, you treat Stella like a wrestling dummy, and sometimes I feel like the only three words in your vocabulary are, "I AM HUNGRY!" But you have a strong desire to "choose the right", and your prayers are so beautifully sincere, people can't help but be touched by them. You teach me so much every day. Quinn I love you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Willy Wonka!

In January Joey had the opportunity to preform in his school musical, Willy Wonka. He went through the audition process last September, and has been rehearsing as a funny "Oompa Loompa" ever since. Here is a little clip from the play, (hopefully....... this is my first time uploading video.) Joey is the one whispering to his neighbor.

Honestly we were super proud of him, he worked so hard on this!!! It was soooo much fun!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Stella's 18 months Today!

Stella just passed her 18 month mark which has really flown by! Now some of you may not be able to believe this, but she seems to be even more independent, passionate and fearless than any of my other kids at 18months old. ( I guess at this point they just kind of feed off of each other.) Oh ya, and the boys taught her what and how a "headbutt" works, so now bruises are a constant accessory.

She is a joy, with her cute dimples and those pink rimmed glasses, it feels like our home has constant sunshine, (even in this dark cloudy winter we're having).

And Nursery.......... HERE WE COME!!!