Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Birthday Celebration for the Ages....

Our dear friend Brian Christensen, happens to have the exact same Birthday as Stella. Except, Stella was turning one, and Brian was turning 70! So his wife and I thought it would be too much fun to combine the Party and we were right!!!

The invitation went something like....
"Hey Party People have you heard the news?
Birthday Parties are better in twos!
Bryan's turning Seventy and Stella is only one,
Both born August 5th and a Surprise is always fun.
Come young, come old, just come on time.
We're gonna party like it's 1939!!!"

(Good one ....... Joe!)

Wow Stella, are you going to open it or eat it?!?!

We did a really fun spread. There was Baked Brie, Shirley Temples, and an adorable candy bar with vintage candy choices like malt balls, peppermint sticks and Boston Beans. The candied Pecans were to die for!!!

We had one candle on top for Stella, and 70 around the middle for Brian.
Joey had to help them both blow out all those candles!

Life is Good!!!!

Stella May McNames is ONE!!!!

On Stella's actual Birthday, we had a special photo shoot to celebrate her one year accomplishment! Many of you know that Stella had surgery on her cute eyes last Monday, to help correct her "crossed eyes" or Accomodative Esotropia. She has had various prescriptions of glasses for about the last 7 months, but with the help of our wonderful Ped. Ophthalmologist, determined surgery was also necessary. We wanted to have these pictures taken before her surgery, to always have a vivid memory of how she came to us.

I can now say, six days after surgery, that everything went wonderfully, and Stella is getting back to her normal adorable personality. Recovery has been much better than we were anticipating, thank you for all of your prayers and loving support.

These perfect photos were taken by our friend Amy, she truly is a Renaissance Women!