Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Per Your Request.......

Several people have been asking me to post pictures of our family's endeavors in the world of scouting. Ok, so here they are........ The proof that I really am the Cub Master! And yes, I wear a khaki uniform with a "neckerchief"! And yes, I talk Joe into humiliating himself for the sake of the cub scouts at least once every three months. Yes, I even drag my father into these goofy pack meetings on occasion. ( Although he is always so willing!)
Scouting............. If you had told me even 5 years ago that someday I would be at the center of Pinewood Derbys, Roundtables and Flag Ceremonies, I would have laughed out loud. Even now, two and half years into it, we have our weak moments and our proud. Sometimes I still have to laugh just to keep from crying, but I am thankful for this unlikely call non the less. I have learned a ton, and I get to spend time with Joey in a way I would never have thought that we would share.
This is "Safari Jack" our special guest in October. He sounded a bit Australian but it was hard to pin point his accent.