Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quinn Turns SEVEN

Quinn Porter McNames. What a boy! This is such an important next year for Quinn as he's preparing for Baptism, and a time in his life that I never want to forget. Such a bright mind combined with a tender heart. 
I love the way Quinn is growing and maturing. 

His passion for music and bow ties continues. The tooth fairy has been to visit him a lot lately. He's caught the reading bug and blows us away with his Mad Math skills!

Quinn I love being your Mom! I love that you get along with everyone and make friends so easily. I love your deep chocolate eyes. I love how red your ears get when you're hot, just like your Dad's. I love that you are willing to try anything at least once. Your courage is an incredible example to your younger and older siblings. Let that audible soundtrack in your mind keep playing on!!!

 After seeing the girls room makeover, Quinn knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday.....
A Lego Room!
 It worked out in our favor again that the two boys that are sharing a room have their birthdays in the same month. Karoline, Karli and Joe deserve huge props for this one. We literally pulled an "all nighter" to finish in time for the unveiling. Again, my weak photography skills aren't going to do this cute room justice. 

 Joe found these hilarious prints that we framed.
 It's amazing how a few mouse pads strategically placed and some high gloss paint can make a wall resemble an over sized Lego brick. So fun! The contact cement we used to attach them..... not so fun.

 A huge thanks to Nana for sewing this cute panel with the transparent pockets. 

 Oh yes.... those are solid chocolate Lego bricks!

Townes Turns One

Slightly apprehensive...... looking to Mom for the green light.
"Pinch me .... am I dreaming?"
"Oh ya! This is happening!!!"
Life is good.