Sunday, June 14, 2009

Joey's 9th Birthday!

Joey has been telling me he wanted a Lego theme party for about 9 months. I have to say, this party was one of the easiest and most fun that I have ever done. The house became "Legoland" for the day and the "Brickmasters" (Joe and I), entertained about 10 kids with all kinds of creative Lego games and competitions. Oh ya, and the Lego shaped candy, cupcakes and cookies helped too! Can you ever have too many Legos though?

These decorated sugar cookies were part of each boy's party favor, along with their matching Lego figure. Joey hand picked which figure should be given to each of his friends. (Just FYI, you can get this cookie cutter at the Lego store.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stella and Vivian...... best friends in the making!

A Camping We Will Go....

What better way to respectfully observe Memorial Day than to sleep on the ground, let your kids light things on fire, and make a human chain down a giant slip-n-slide? Camping at Ensign Ranch was an awesome get a way.

Three days and two nights of adventures with our good friends the Tanners, (or at least we hope they're still our friends after the "run out of gas mishap").